Tuesday, June 27, 2017

UNFCCC: Of Mitigation and Adaptation

One of reason why the Paris Agreement was a significant achievement was that it was an outcome of overcoming conflicts of multiple issues between developed and developing countries. During the negotiation, developing countries have the objective to ensure that the Agreement is non-mitigation centric and that all issues are addressed in a balanced manner. But what is mitigation?

Sunday, June 25, 2017

EXPO 2017: The 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

Disclaimer: The following blog refers a lot from the Catalog of the Ministerial Conference and the 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development

On the second day of EXPO 2017, the Ministerial Conference & the 8th International Forum on Energy for Sustainable Development was held at the congress center not too far from the EXPO site. I was lucky that I had some free time out of my work schedule that I managed to attend a part of the conference. This is my first international conference experience on a media pass. Security was tight as usual when I headed into the center.

Right at the entrance of the congress center

Thursday, June 22, 2017

MYD Training Series III: Understanding the Malaysian Constitution Part 2

Moving on from the development plans, Adrian continued the training with:

Relations between the Federation and the States

Now to further understand the intricacies of the backend of the Paris Agreement, we will need to understand the relations between the federation and the states. Although Malaysia has signed the Paris Agreement (at a federal level), it doesn't mean that it has the power to do so (implementing at a state level).